Research and resources

Report on Inclusive Housing Needs

In 2018, the Inclusive Housing Task Force created a report that called for more inclusive housing.

The Report on Inclusive Housing Needs in B.C. 2020 is from a follow-up survey and focus groups on the housing needs of individuals with developmental disabilities in B.C. Over 800 people took part in the survey and focus groups.

Sharing this information with local governments, community planners, developers and nonprofit housing providers is a way to show the importance of including homes for people with developmental disabilities in their housing plans and projects.

Click to read the Report on Inclusive Housing Needs in B.C. 2020

Click here to read a Plain Language Summary

Tools for speaking with housing partners

The following guide, PowerPoint presentation and videos are resources for Community Living BC Community Councils, individuals, families and other stakeholders to use to approach local governments — including municipal councils and regional district boards — to discuss the need for, and benefits of, including people with developmental disabilities in local government housing plans.

Guide for Presenting to Local Governments about Inclusive Housing

PowerPoint Presentation template – Open the Door to Inclusive Housing


Key to Home campaign video (Length: 3 minutes 43 seconds)

The value of inclusive housing – Hear from people CLBC serves (Length: 4 minutes 8 seconds)

Inclusive Housing – Highlighting Partnerships (Length: 4 minutes 54 seconds)