Open the door to inclusive housing

More than 5,000 adults in B.C. with developmental disabilities are looking for homes of their own. Inclusive housing means having access to the same choices about where you live as everyone else. It’s the key to independence, stability and belonging. And a more vibrant, healthy and happy community.

Read the research on inclusive housing needs in B.C. and find resources for presenting to local governments to help open the door to inclusive housing in your community.

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What is inclusive housing?


Choice over your living space is basic to having a home.


Housing is physically accessible and close to community.

Avoiding Congregation

People with disabilities live next door to everyone else. They DO NOT all live together in one building. 


Neighbours have different interests and backgrounds.


Provides stability and allows for support services.

Inclusive housing stories


Residents look forward to inclusive housing


Aaron Pietras, Cassie Campbell and Christopher Ham are looking forward to having their own homes, and being neighbours with other residents in a new inclusive housing development in early 2019. The project is an innovative approach to affordable and inclusive housing by Community Living Housing Society (CLHS), with significant support from the City of New Westminster, Community Living Society (CLS) and the Province of B.C. through BC Housing.

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Two daughters achieve their dream at Chorus apartments


Paddi and Beryl are mothers and friends whose daughters both lived at home for over 30 years and recently moved into their own apartments. This is one of the biggest transitions for parents; and Paddi and Beryl, just like any mom, wanted to make sure their daughters are safe, happy, make long lasting relationships and are part of the community. Finding inclusive housing was a paramount concern.

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My house, my choice: Drew’s story of moving out of a group home and into his own apartment


Drew and his mom Marnie share their story of how Drew found a way to live independently in Kelowna.  Because of their resilience, advocating and hard work, Drew is now living in the home of his dreams.

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